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I may or may not be working on a web site for a web comic I am working on. But that project is still sorta on hold. heh

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The most horrifying movie ever. 

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Wilt will always and FOREVER be one of my favorite characters of all time

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You know, Wilt makes for some GREAT reaction gifs.

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57cm Aimerai Doll (via Mint on Card) - “Scraps, the Patchwork Girl (OZ Series)”

Scraps is available as a basic doll or a fullset (includes face-up, glass eyes, wig, outfit, shoes and necklace)

  • Resin Options: normal pink, normal yellow or white
  • Additional Options: face-up and eyes (for basic doll)
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La compagnia Aimerai e’ stata presentata in occasione del Dollism Plus di Hong Kong. Fa il suo debutto aprendo il preorder a 5 dolls contemporaneamente!

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Everyone has at least one ship where this keeps happening.

Shippers are bitter people who make other shippers bitter as well.

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Ginseng!? I don’t need to get all hopped up on dope!
- Hank Hill (via victhechaosgoat)